F9 Group Applications are prebuilt business solutions that enable organizations to quickly gain value.
Telephone Store Locator

Directions to your nearest location can be one of the most frequent but tedious requests received by your customer support representatives. Automating these requests will allow you to reduce live agent or employee costs without compromising the quality of your customer service. The F9 Group, Inc. IVR Store Locator can send calls to your store, failover calls to a call center, provide full call recording, web based reporting, and NeverLost™ a system that will make sure every single customer is contacted even when they hang up.

Mobile Call Center

Monitor your call center from iPhone. Compatible with many leading cloud contact solutions, including Ytel and InContact. View campaigns, skills, and agent statistics. You can now freely roam and still keep an eye on your service levels, abandon calls, and overall call center performance.
Name and Address Capture

Telephone IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that collects a customer’s name, address, and custom fields. Most commonly used by television and radio advertisers to collect customer information when giving away free product or trials. 300% less expensive than live operators. Fully automated. Output files are direct mail ready. Works in over 50 countries.

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